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Устный перевод

Gardarika Translation Centre provides interpretation services. Interpretation is usually required for international events (negotiations, conferences, symposiums, etc.), when carrying out foreign economic activities and events within the framework of cultural exchange (negotiations, accompanying delegations, presentations, exhibitions, press conferences, excursions, installation and commissioning of equipment, staff training, etc.). Interpretation is usually performed in one of the two forms: consecutive interpretation or simultaneous interpretation.

In consecutive interpretation, an interpreter translates speeches of event participants, or logical parts thereof.

In case of simultaneous translation, an interpreter translates speech of event participant simultaneously (synchronously). For simultaneous translation, special equipment is usually required.

Устный перевод

It should also be noted that in practice, such a specific type or way of interpretation as whisper interpreting or chuchotage, is often used. Such type of interpretation is used in events where format thereof allows using neither consecutive interpretation nor equipment for simultaneous interpretation. The essence of this way of interpretation consists in the following: an interpreter is staying in the same room with the speaker and the attendees, and performs simultaneous interpretation by whispering in the ear of two or three attendees sitting next to the interpreter. No special equipment is used in this case. Due to the job specifics, an interpreter does not convey literal content of the speech delivered by an interlocutor or speaker, but rather the essence or the main points (essential content) thereof. This facilitates both the interpreter's work and the effort of people listening to the speech.

Our Translation Centre will help you to find good interpreters and assist in searching for the equipment you need to organize and hold your event in a proper way.

The price of interpretation services depends on the subject, duration of the event and venue thereof; target languages; number of interpreters needed; as well as technical capabilities of the venue.

If you need interpretation services to organize your event in a proper way, please contact us by phone or email, giving all the necessary parameters of your event (venue, time and subject of the event, number of interpreters and expected schedule of their work, and other significant circumstances) and we will calculate the price of services for you, taking into account all specific features of your event.

Please note that interpretation services should be ordered in advance, otherwise the interpreters you need may be engaged in other events.

Consecutive interpretation rates indicated in our Price List should be considered as minimum, or baseline, rates. As a rule, on case-by-case basis, the contractual price of the service is to be agreed, taking into account all specific features of the event.