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Website and Software Localisation

Перевод сайтов и ПО

Localisation means translation and adaptation of websites and software to language requirements of the target markets. Localising your web site and/or product helps you to enter new markets. Localisation of websites and software is a specific type of translation demanding extensive experience and technical skills. For quality localisation, not only high level of translation is required, but also preservation of all the functional features of the product.

Gardarika Translation Centre provides full range of services for localisation of your website and software: translation of website text content, program interfaces, reference files, assembly and testing, translation of supporting documentation, layout and design (redesign).

Перевод сайтов и ПО

Localisation of your website or software is a prerequisite for promoting your product to foreign markets.

We are ready to become your partner in finding a fail-safe solution of this important and ambitious task. Estimating cost and time required to perform the above task is rather a long and laborious process. The first stage of this process includes pre-project research and preparation of the Statement of Work. At this stage, client and contractor specify which products to which markets are promoted, how many language versions of website or software should be created, languages of translation, marketing goals and target audience, scope of work, schedule and deadlines for the project implementation. Proceeding from the initial data, the estimated price and/or feasibility of the project within fixed budget will be determined. You may either entrust us with full range of services or engage us to translate the text content of your website or software interface and reference files only.

If you intend to translate your website or software, please contact us by phone or email, or use the REQUEST A QUOTE form on our website. Our manager will contact you in order to specify the information necessary to evaluate the price and deadlines of your project.