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Notarial certification

Нотариально заверенный перевод

We provide notarial certification of translated legally significant documents. If you prefer, we can notarise our translation of such documents. You can order notarial certification of the entire translated document or any part thereof, from our Translation Centre.

Why may I need notarial certification of translation?

In order to use a document issued abroad, in Russia, or in order to use a document issued in Russia, abroad, you need to apply to translation agency for a notarised translation. In this case, a printed translation will be attached to the original document issued abroad, or to a photocopy thereof (or to a notarised copy of the document issued in Russia), and submitted to a Notary Public for authentication of translator's signature. If you need to send a translation with notarial certification abroad (to an educational institution, to your employer), we are ready to provide a service of bilingual authentication of translator's signature. A copy of the original document issued abroad or a notarised copy of the original document issued in Russia is produced in our Translation Centre. If a notarised translation is to be submitted to state bodies of the Russian Federation or other organizations, we recommend you to order a notarised copy of translation.

Нотариально заверенный перевод

֍  The price of notarial certification of a translation is 200 roubles + 500 roubles fee charged by Notary Public.

֍ The price of bilingual notarial certification of translation is 500 roubles + 500 roubles fee charged by Notary Public.

֍ The price of a notarised copy is 20 roubles + 50 roubles fee charged by Notary Public per page of the document.

֍ The price of black-and-white photocopy, A4 format is 10 roubles.

Our responsibility is to ensure that you will have your documents done properly.

Our Translation Centre employs competent client-oriented specialists who can always give good advice to you, even in intricate cases, and suggest the best options for your translation, to satisfy your expectations, producing most favourable results. At your request, we can certify your translation with the Official seal of our Translation Centre. The price of the service is 100 roubles per document.