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Other Services

Другие услуги

Our main field of activity is translation services, but we also provide other services related to translation activities:

1. Black and white photocopying – 20 roubles per A4 page

2. Color photocopying – 60 руб. per A4 page

3. Scanning, A4 – 15 руб. per page

4. Notarised copies — 20 roubles + 50 roubles per page fee charged by Notary Public

5. Certification of translation with the Official Seal of our Translation Centre – 100 roubles per document

6. Printout of an additional copy of the translation – 20 roubles per A4 page

7. Affixing a stamp of Saint Petersburg Chamber of Commerce and Industry to your business documents – 4,000 roubles per document

8. Courier delivery of documents – from 500 roubles

9. Transcription of audio and video recordings (with/without translation) – subject to agreement

10. Typing in Russian – 100 roubles per standard page (1800 characters with spaces)

11. Typesetting in a foreign language – 50% rate of translation from Russian to a foreign language

12. Formatting and layout (MS Word, Adobe InDesign, PDF) – 500 roubles per hour

If you need other services not included in the above list, please send us an email or call us – and get a detailed response from our managers.