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Apostille stamp is an internationally recognised standardised form of legalisation of a document intended for use in the territory of the countries, which joined the Hague Convention of 1961. An Apostille replaces consular legalisation procedure.

For the purposes of the above Convention, official documents are those issued by an authority or official subject to the jurisdiction of a state; administrative documents (such as civil status documents); notarial acts and other documents. An Apostille cannot be affixed to the documents issued by diplomatic missions or consular agents; administrative documents directly related to a commercial or customs operation; documents of non-official nature.

Save your precious time and avoid stress, order legalisation of your documents from our company.

We will provide you with:

֍ notarised copies of documents issued in the Russian Federation or the USSR, and an Apostille affixed to such notarised copies. This stamp is not affixed to the original of your passport, but only to a copy thereof, notarised for such purpose;

֍ Apostille affixed to the original of civil status documents issued in Saint Petersburg or in Leningrad region (Birth Certificate, Marriage Certificate, etc.);

֍ Apostille affixed to the court decisions that have come in force, issued in Saint Petersburg or Leningrad region.

The price of this service is 1,500 roubles, and includes:

1. Consultation on the issues relating to execution of the package of documents.

2. Payment of state duty.

3. Filling in an application for the service to be rendered (if necessary).

4. Submission of the package of documents to the state body.

5. Obtaining the package of documents from the state body.

Additional charges:

֍ state duty – 2,500 roubles;

֍ photocopying of documents — 20 roubles per A4 page;

֍ notarised copies — 20 roubles + 50 roubles fee charged by Notary Public per page;

֍ if necessary, translation of documents, notarisation of translator's signature.

If the appropriate authority denies legalisation with an Apostille stamp, we will refund the price of our services (1,500 roubles) and the state duty (2,500 roubles).

State authorities of Saint Petersburg, performing the procedure of legalisation with an Apostille stamp, deal with documents issued in the territory of Saint Petersburg and the Leningrad region.

We can provide a stamp of Saint Petersburg Chamber of Commerce and Industry, to be affixed to non-official documents and/or documents related to commercial activities.